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On Easter Monday we took Stanley out to one of the newer museums in Newcastle, the Life Science Centre.  This is a great place, with loads of stuff about dinosaurs, DNA, evolution and wildlife - and even football (soccer to our American friends!).  There were a few eggstra events on for Easter, such as a Chocolate laboratory.
Life shows evolution from the earliest forms of life in the sea through to humans, and one major part in-between is the dinosaurs.  Always fascinating, Stanley was particularly impressed with this walk-in exhibit where you walk in through the dinosaur's mouth!
Don't look up, Stanley!
Prehistoric ocean life...and Stanley.
Stanley was impressed with the magic show, which had stacks of magic tricks with eggs.  Quite a few got smashed!  And at the end, there was a magical appearance of the Easter Bunny!
There is currently a large section of Life dedicated to the oceans and ocean life.  Interesting stuff, where you can find out what it feels like to live in a shell.  There wasn't a Stanley-sized shell though!
This item is supposed to act like a whale's mouth, so Stanley found out what it feels like to be a krill.
This one made Stanley a bit dizzy!  It's a huge spinning tube with stripes, and a fixed walkway down the middle.  The moving lines at the sides make you feel that the walkway itself is moving!  It's pretty freaky, and still fascinating even on the tenth go.

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