Flat Stanley
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We are Carter and Taylor Gillyon.

At the start of our Easter Holidays 2005 we were surprised to receive Flat Stanley in the post!  He was sent to us as part of the "Flat Stanley Project" run by McCarthy Elementary School in Peabody, Massachusetts USA.  The idea is that a cutout Flat Stanley is sent from the school by various students, and people spend a little time with Stanley and report back on their activities.  This seemed like fun to us, so we'd like to thank Becky Jo Roland from Mrs Eagar's class for sending him to us!

We already owned the Stanley books and enjoyed them a lot, so he was a welcome guest.

Follow the links above to see details about where we live (Whitley Bay, England) and the other places Flat Stanley visited during his brief stay with us.  As well as Whitley Bay, he's been to Gibside (an old ancestral estate), Hogwart's School of Witches and Wizardry, and he's even been to the theatre - twice!

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